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31st March
written by Charlie

If Vericon was a shot across the bow for Boston geeks, PAX was a carpet bombing assault. Yet now we look forward one weekend and in the same location we have ANOTHER three-day geek event: Anime Boston.

The thing about PAX East was that for the most part, it was just 60,000 people in black t-shirts and red plastic badges. The weight of their presence was clear and definite, for in it’s way, also largely ignorable by the general populace. Anime Boston however will feature throngs of girls in Link drag, innumerable ninjas with open toed shoes, and warriors with montrous cardboard weapons in hand and spiky hair. It will certainly be more meaningful and harder to ignore for the locals.

As we move into the second half of our Month of Geek Weekends, I wonder if this is all a good thing for the local geek community or a bad thing. Does making Boston the Mecca of east coast geek activity mean we’ll see more geeks locally and more geek infrastructure like comic book shops, arcades, and sushi bars, or will the close proximity of so many large events cause them all to mutually destroy each other by lowering everyone’s attendance below critical mass?


  1. fuller

    are sushi bars part of geek infrastructure?

  2. Charlie

    Totally, especially if you’re into anime. I think ethnic grocery stores that sell many varieties of Pocky would count too.

  3. Garrett

    I disagree. Sushi bars are way too mainstream, and even chic in some places, to be considered anime-geek infrastructure. That would be like saying water is part of it as well because we all drink it.