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30th March
written by Charlie

This past weekend a gamer was caught trying to download the code for the XBLA game Breach onto his laptop during PAX East. When asked by the staff why he was plugged into the Atomic Games network, he said flat out that he was copying the game so he could play it at home and share it with his friends.

The guy had also also previously had his gamertag banned from Xbox Live for stealing Forza 3 and playing it early. The weird thing is that he asked the XBox Live Director of Policy and Enforcement to unban him during a panel at PAX East.

So, how do you explain this guy? Is he a true believer in digital freedom, willing to defy The Man because data and fun want to be free, or is he just slow to absorb the idea that companies want you to buy their products and don’t like it when you steal them?

GamingBolt article with more detail and video of the suspect here.

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