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6th April
written by Charlie

Yeah, yeah they’ll say. Pax got 60,000 attendees, but probably nobody noticed. For 72 hours in April, Anime Boston creates a spectacle around the Hynes Convention Center that nobody can avoid, no matter how much they avert their eyes.

In many ways, one might liken it to a gay pride event. Anime fans are encouraged to celebrate their love of Japanese cartoons, video games, and pop culture by dressing up and showing off. Anime Boston’s official attendee count is 17,000, making is significantly smaller than Pax East, but also putting it in the top ten for anime conventions nationally. From the picture below, you’ll see that while you may have missed that Pax was in town, there’s NO MISSING ANIME BOSTON.

Take this picture of the Prudential Food Court for instance. If you look carefully, you’ll probably count more people dressed normally than in costume, but visual impact of the people in costume is such that it felt like there were more people in costume than out…

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